Fake Data

The only form filler extension that you will ever want to use!

Stop wasting time on filling forms with random data!

Fake Data will do the job for you so you can focus on more important tasks.

Do something better with your time

Spending time filling forms is not efficient, especially when you have to do this on a regular basis. Fake Data will take care of them by inserting random data that looks real and professional.

Fill entire form instantly

With just a keyboard shortcut you can fill an entire form. The only setup you have to do is right click on the input field and choose what type of data to be inserted. You only have to do it once. Next time Fake Data will remember what you selected.

A screenshot is worth 1000 words

Let the pictures show you a preview of the extension and its options page.

Not impressed?

Check out some of the big features that makes Fake Data stand up from other similar extensions.

Easy to use

Having to click a lot of buttons is not cool.
Fake Data has committed to respect this rule.


There are no two forms alike on the internet.
Fake Data can be configured to work with any of them.

Developer friendly

It's always that one thing that is missing.
The good part is that you can write your own JavaScript code and make Fake Data do it.


Forms can be in a lot of languages.
Fake Data can "talk" to a lot of them.


Tell it once and it will always remember.
Fake Data will try to identify what type of data needs to be inserted. Sometimes it will need your help. After that, it will recognise the same field next time. And other similar fields.

Bug? Feature? Ask!

Nothing is perfect. Fake Data is trying to break the ice on this.
If you find something that bothers you, just send an email. It might get fixed faster than you think.